Sensei M. Saeki

Chief instructor of Canada JKA Karate Federation

     Sensei Saeki started his karate career in Japan more than 50 years ago,training at JKA Headquarters for a number of years. In 1973 he moved to Ottawa and established the Ottawa JKA.

    Sensei Saeki has one of the most respected reputations across Canada and the USA. As a traditional Japanese karate instructor, he is the embodiment of the philosophy and spirit of Shotokan Karate. His teaching maintains the quality and technical aspects of Karate taught the Japanese way.

    He presently holds the rank of 7th Dan and is a highly qualified instructor and judge.

    Sensei Saeki is an official JKA examiner and is licensed by JKA Headquarters to conduct Shodan,Nidan and Sandan examinations


                                                                                                                                    Technical Commitee

                                                                                        Along with Saeki sensei our technical committee consists of

                Brad Jones 6th dan                                                                      Ed Leung 6th dan                                                      Dick Powell 6th dan

              Training since 1969                                                                     Training since 1972                                                   Training since 1969


Our executives

Roy Chin-fee


                              M. Saeki                                                                                 Ray Densmore                                                                    Dick Powell

                     Executive Director                                                                     Executive Director                                                              Executive Director